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Our lawyers instructed us to list these benefits in a nebulous way... you get the point!


Part of our brand mission is safety and compliance. One of our founders was part of cannabis legislation here in Minnesota with a goal of bringing compliant products into the market. And, two of our founders helped shape the cannabis landscape in California (Cali sober baby!) and understand the benefits. We crafted our tonic as an alternative to alcohol, to promote drinking something better for your body, and still having the opportunity to get a little crooked.


You have entered the no hangover zone. Complete with no regrets, no gut rot, no WTF did I do and none of those long-term effects alcohol has on your body. To be honest, alcohol doesn't really deserve this spotlight, so just keep reading to understand how our tonic is the right choice...


What better way to consume cannabis than in a delicious drink that could go as far as replacing alcohol seltzers and encouraging a healthier lifestyle?! Not only is this way of consuming cannabis fun, but also more tolerable and familiar than other methods such as smoking or vaping. No smoke in the air and you can feel just as social as your friend that's holding an alcoholic seltzer.



May help with pain reduction
May lessen Anxiety
May help with Epilepsy, Glaucoma, PTSD
May reduce nausea 
May increase sleep


May decrease anxiety symptoms
May encourage relaxation
May give you a sense of calm
May provoke profound thoughts


May increase relaxation
May decrease anxiety and social anxiety
May increase sociability
May enhance appreciation for family and friends


May help with pain management/relief
May increase focus
May increase energy
May increase enjoyment in activity

Why We Say

to Booze

Let us preface this with some scary but very real facts: Alcohol contributes to about 18.5% of ER visits and 22.1% of overdose deaths. An estimated 95,000 people die from alcohol-related causes annually, making alcohol the third-leading preventable cause of death in the United States.

Alcohol is so 2022. Here are a few of our reasons as to why Cannabis is so much better (not to mention better for us) than Alcohol: 


WTF happened last night?!

The definition is literally our body and brains in an extreme state of distress- enough reason to never look at alcohol again... Interrupted memory means impairment in judgement, thus affecting our choices, which as we know- alcohol never causes good ones.

Dangers of Alcohol copy.png


Oh my god I am never drinking again.

Nobody wakes up after a night of drinking ready to conquer the day. Instead, it's staying horizontal for the majority of 12 hours surrounded by greasy food and Advil with the thought of whatever you were drinking sending you running to the bathroom.

Dangers of Alcohol.png


Cringing so hard.

Nothing worse than waking up to watch your 2 minute Snapchat story of you singing at a club. Or the text you sent that was never supposed to be sent. And the conversation you had with that one person you swore you wouldn't... the hangxiety is real.

Dangers of Alcohol.png
lemon-slice copy.png

Getting Crooked vs. Getting Crooooooked

We all know the difference between getting buzzed and getting drunker than buzzed... right?! Or drinking a cup of coffee versus drinking 4 cups of coffee- you get the point. Cannabis works in the same way except we call taking a low dose, microdosing. The media is alllllll over this term nowadays, and so are we. Microdosing carries effects that prescription medicines and other remedies do- just without having to put something suspicious into your body. We'll outline each effect for you:

logo VS brand (Billboard (Landscape) - 2592 x 864 px)-2.png


Surprise, surprise. There ARE better ways than others to consume your Cannabis infused drink- and instances you should and should not put yourself in when considering getting Crooked. There's nothing we want more than for you to enjoy your time with Crooked, so we’ll lay it out for you: safety= better vibes = better high. 


Have you ever heard how energy can transpire into a good or bad trip experience? The same goes for cannabis. When we drink our Crooked, we enjoy it most when we're in a safe space physcially (obviously) as well as spiritually! Open spaces, cozy spaces, nature, and the outdoors make the experience 10/10 for us.


We always wanna be in good company, but especially when enjoying Crooked. To ensure you vibe the highest, grab your small or big group of your closest besties and chill. 


A good mentality prepares for a good life. Our mentality and moods can carry over with us when consuming substances, so we emphasize going into your Crooked experience with a clear mind and a good headspace! This is not to say we can't turn to Crooked when we're feeling anything else- we just want your experience to reflect our love for cannabis. 

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