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Made in Minnesota, by Minnesotans.

high, here's a little about us.


Founded on the principles of hard work, cold lakes, and sunny summers... Crooked Beverage Company was formed by 5 from the cold north to bring flavor, compliance, experience, and the perfect high to a chaotic market.

We crafted our sparkling tonic as a low-calorie alternative for a world that is tired of the hangover. For a world that wants to feel good during (& after) the buzz has worn off. For a world that wants a cannabis infused product that feels familiar safe, and a little crooked.


We're not your average functional beverage. Let’s get highdrated.


IMG_7100 2_edited.jpg

One of us founded and sold one of the nation's largest cannabis delivery companies and designs Crooked undies (& other Crooked apparel) when stressed.

One of us was the house majority leader for Minnesota and is currently leading the team in office treat consumption. & has never been seen in a hoodie or t-shirt?

One of us was a CFO of a fortune 500 company for 12 years and has been promoted to Crooked warehouse manager, plus is our #1 consumer.

One of us founded a streetwear apparel brand with collabs with celebs & professional sports teams & if we can't find him he's probably on the green. 

One of us is a marketing genius that acquired more than 240,000 cannabis consumers & kept them... also has a weird obsession with teal and had to paint an office wall.

One of us founded one of the nation's largest logistics technology companies and likes to drive barefoot.

want to know more?

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