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4 Reasons to Consider trying Cannabis (from a non-cannabis user)

I don't know how many people fall into the category of "never trying weed even into their twenties" but if you're like me and that is your truth, keep reading. Because I grew up in a state where recreational marijuana still isn't legal (and I'm writing this in 2021) it wasn't easy to get my hands on, especially at a younger age. I guess you could also say the crowds I hung out with did not see the value or maybe just couldn't get their hands on it back in the early 2000's.

When I moved to Los Angeles in 2019 I learned of a whole new world of legal cannabis. And not only was it legal, but you could also shop in store for it like you would an iPhone or get it delivered to your door in 60 minutes like you were ordering Shake Shack. Many of the brands are as polished as the branding Coca Cola shares with the market. I couldn't believe the creative minds and work behind the look and feel of these brands and their product lines. There were also so many new reasons behind the "why" other than enjoying getting stoned.

My first summer in LA, some friends gave me a few different products to try including a vape, some flower, and an edible. They explained some of the great benefits other than just giggling through the night. This was my first time in my life I was trying cannabis, and it definitely wouldn't be the last. Now almost 2 years in of trying delivery service and dispensaries, here are some reasons to give it a try if you're a first-timer, or a "haven't got high since college" user.


This is one of the great benefits of cannabis. As long as you're not overdoing it and taking the right doses, it can bring relief after a long day. Personally, a combination of high THC and high CBD is the right ratio to relieve some stress, anxiety, and put me in a good mood. I have friends that use stimulants during the workday like Adderall and find that having a low-dose of cannabis late in the afternoon, helps relieve the anxiousness that can come from taking those types of drugs.


I am not one for drinks or cannabis during the workday but I have popped an edible in the afternoon in a low dose and have found it really boosted my creativity. I felt like my mind opened up to more ideas during the project I was working on. It was an interesting afternoon, to say the least. I have a relative who uses cannabis before starting painting projects, and she says it helps her set sail on the most creative works she's made.


This is a big one. The right product in the right dose can give you a better night's sleep than a Unisom. I've tried edibles, indica vape pens, and some good flower which have all done the trick - but never too much. Wind down with a movie or a book in your bed and drift away to sleep. I have a relative that takes CBD-rich gummies (20:1) before bed to help him stop grinding his teeth! It works swimmingly and he wakes up with a relaxed jaw and no teeth grinding.


If you are a woman, consider trying a tincture or apply a topical during your time of the month. I have found great results with using a tincture when the cramps start really getting bad. Try it on your back when you have sore muscles, or after a hard work out. There are many great brands with THC and CBD lotions that are perfect for pain relief - but check with a doctor for using it for a major injury, I only have experience with work out pain, rashes, cramps, and headaches.

We'd love to hear your story. If you're new to cannabis or trying it out again after a long hiatus, tell us how your experience went, what you felt, and what you tried. Cheers!

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