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Why We Say F**** U To Booze

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Been keeping up with the news recently? Or any media outlet for that matter? Alcohol is to cigarettes as cigarettes were to society in 1964 (when they realized they were sucking on cancer sticks), and more and more people are ditching the booze.

If you look at the history of alcohol, it’s never been known to increase a person’s health, but it’s also never been advertised as a danger, either. The media in the alcohol industry has done an incredible job of glamorizing something that’s essentially poisoning our bodies- where displays show models, celebrities, and people of influence idolizing drinking. (Article to show campaigns where this happened). As time evolves, the culture surrounding drinking has slowly been on the mend too. Society has become more accustomed to outing the toxic effects alcohol has on our physical and mental health, causing more and more people to switch from alcohol to alternative methods of being social, such as cannabis.

Have you ever gone out for a few drinks with friends and woke up with a pounding head and a turning stomach? Not only the physical hangover, but the non stop worry of wondering if you embarrassed yourself? That’s why we prefer cannabis. We don’t even have to explain, research does that for us. Cannabis is proven to lead to a decrease in anxiety and can help a person relax, whereas alcohol pretty much ends up doing the opposite.

If you're on the fence about ditching alcohol or even coming to the green side, we'll lay out the toxic ways both affect our body:



Clouds judgement


​Worsens mental health- increases risk of depression and anxiety

Impacts physical health- increases risk of heart disease, stroke, liver disease, digestive problems

Increased learning and memory problems, including dementia and poor performance

As alcohol has been glamorized, cannabis has been demonized, mostly stereotyped as a gateway drug that harms rather than helps. Starting in the 1900’s, being referred to as a “stoner” has been known as something that makes you a “bum” or a “druggie.” These stereotypes have created a stigma surrounding cannabis that puts a negative tone to it. We think this probably has to do with the smoke, smell, and attitude associated with cannabis. This is just one of the reasons why we decided to infuse cannabis into something that attracts people; that you're not inhaling into your lungs, that feels more familiar, and can be social. Not only does this eliminate the need for smoke or any other devices needed to consume, but also appeals to all ages (legal and over 21, of course). This was one of our biggest selling points in getting into this market: there is something for everyone.

We made a low dose version and a high dose version, both with high flavor. So whether you're new to cannabis, or already love it - we have something for you. Let's get crooked, stand out, and do it safely -- with ZERO hangovers.

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